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This is a website that allows you to list websites and review them. This website is a great way to find reviews for various websites. We invite you to submit as many sites as you want and to participate as much as you can! I started this site because I felt there was no one source to find reviews for websites, and I want to create an experience where you can easily find out about a site using the search function, instead of bouncing from site to site not truly knowing if the source has a conflict of interest. We are an independent website that relies on ita users to speak about the web for themselves. We may be running advertising to cover the costs of hosting, but I want this to be a free and enjoyble resource, and outlet, for the general public.

Did a website rip you off?

Let us know about it. Your reviews will be indexed online for the world to find. Do you want to promote your own site? No problem. We invite everyone to participate!

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