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Worthy bonds review – earn a FREE $10 BOND [link below]

Worthy Bonds review

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Worthy Bonds is a great way to invest without getting boggled down in the stock market. If you’re worried about stocks right now, then I strongly suggest that you check out Worthy Bonds.

What Worthy Bonds does is invest in businesses with the money they raise from us. In turn, they give us 5% on our money. This is great because you will never earn anywhere near 5% with a bank account. You can withdrawal your investments at any time.

Proceeds from your purchase of Worthy’s 5% fixed interest bonds are used to help fuel American small businesses.

Yeah. That’s really good for the economy. So this is twofold. You help the economy while helping yourself.

This illustrates how it works. It’s very well diversified. This is all I’m going to say of Worthy Bonds because it speaks for itself. Now, I would not advise you put all of your money into bonds, but at a minimum, do what I do. I set it up to round up what I use on my debit card purchases. If I buy something for 1.50, then it rounds to $2.00 and purchases a bond after it reaches $10.

The best part of Worthy Bonds is that there are no fees. Worthy Bonds loaning organization is controlled by “Worthy Peer Capital” they use this entity to deal out their loans. So, maybe they loan a business 100,000 at 9%, they take 4% and give us 5. Something like that. I’m no expert, I just know that I love the investment opportunity.

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