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Hippo Video Review

Hippo Video is pretty good with some cool features. Check this out if you want to record your screen. What I like is that it’s embedded in Chrome as a chrome store plugin. This makes it very convenient to use!  They also have plenty of bells and whistles on their actual website, but that’s not the focus today.

or use code PntBVZd while signing up.

There’s also a Hippo Video group on facebook that you can join: so you can share tips and tricks with other users.

In some market related news, Market Expert 24 states that Hippo Video, among other like minded services are due to grow exponentially in coming years.

The validity of this website as a source of authority is in question, but that’s not really important right now. To dig a little deeper, the founder & CEO of Hippo Video is a man named Karthi Mariappanea. There’s some tough competition in this industry, but the current CEO is doing very well. He clocks in at 87/100 source

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Is Webull a scam?

No, it’s not. I personally use it and I strongly suggest the community feature because they have some people who truly know what it is they talk about lol. I can most definitely suggest webull to you, my dear reader. It’s a powerful app, however, there is a learning curve attached to it. Signup for free stock.


There are some webull strategies, but I am not showing them to you right now.

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Ink Inc Android Game

The Ink Inc android game is boring and doesn’t deserve any users. It’s not unique, you have to watch a ton of ads and it’s just boring asf. No wonder why it only has a rating of 3.3 lol. sucks