Former Trump aide Sam Nunberg changes course, says he would ‘end up cooperating’ in Russia probe

Is this guy a joke, or what?

His newest remark, which was made in a talk with The Associated Press, was a reverse of his previous statement that he would not comply with Mueller’s order but would surely risk arrest.

Nunberg said to the AP that he is mad about having been asked to share his emails with a long list of characters. He seemed have implied that he has something to hide. I feel I was right when I predicted that he was using the entire day as one big, ft publicity stunt. He is a coward. Case in point. He later added further that he does not believe the subpoena was just and that Mueller’s investigation should narrow its scope of analysis.

However, he did concede that he would “end up cooperating” with the Mueller investigation.

The special counsel’s subpoena asked Nunberg to forfeit over communications connected to President Trump and nine other individuals, and to appear in front of a grand jury who are currently investigating whether Russia interfered in the U.S. 2016 presidential election.

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