Bottom of the World

I’m watching this movie right now. It was recommended to me through this website that I use called Dinggo. It helps you decide what to watch.

I remember this actress from years ago. She’s kind of pretty. Jena Malone? I don’t know the actor though. Her haircut is atrocious lol. jesus christ. She seems kind of freaky! That sex scene was … Very hot … This movie got an IMDB rating of 5.4 so I’m not looking for much here.

Church of the Solid Rock Sufferer? what the fuck.. lol. That guy eating that apple looks insane hah. I would’ve called the po po on that sketchy lookin’ dude. Anyway, the music is interesting. They look like they’re drug addicts. I think scarlett needs to see a doctor, or something. She wants to stick to the plot instead of actually getting to where they want to go.

I guess this is like a cult sort of thing. About time this protagonist wields a weapon. That guy has magical powers? How did he get his weapon? That guy has a lisp and a weird ass laugh. I would’ve crashed that car into a truck if it was me lol. Hmm… maybe our protagonist is batshit crazy? That’s a theory of mine.

Angel of the bottomless pit? My family used to say my stomach was a bottomless pit lol. If this guy was me I would’ve already left that retarded town. With or without that girl. Whatever. He’s her FATHER? wtf….what a revelation. This movie is weird, but fascinating.

So he’s dead? hm. Isn’t that the guy from 13 Reasons Why? lol. Is this like a product placement for El Rancho Hotel? I would be having amazing sex with that girl! He finds the girl in a convenience store? So weird.Has this guy gone crazy or is he dead? Or maybe he drugged up in some kind of sedated state.

I will leave the rest to you. Good movie. You should check it out and let me know what you think 🙂

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