How to Mine Zencash

Considered to be a relatively new Cryptocurrency that has only been released in 2017, it was intended to be superior to Zcash and as direct result of a fork. It is true, however, that Zencash offers numerous technical innovations though it uses the identical ”equihash” system as Zcash and trades using the symbol ‘ZEN’

Zen Cash is a platform intended for protected communications and secured commercial activity. Leading-edge cryptography and zero knowledge proofs allow entirely anonymous peer-to-peer communications using ZenCash

It truly is a monumental development of the Zcash codebase which is designed to primarily enable secure communications and robust networking

Learn how you can begin mining operations with ZENCASH (ZEN) through Suprnova’s Mining Pool using EWBF’s CUDA Zcash Miner

Mining Setup

Personal Desktop

Operating System Windows 10
Graphic Card GTX 1060 STORMX 3072M GDDR5 192bit
Processor Intel i5-7400, 3GHZ, 6MB Cache, LGA1151
Motherboard ASUS H110M-K

Step 1 – Sign up & choosing a Mining Pool

Create your own profile with Suprnova Pool by registering an account with them. The Username and Pass you choose will also determine your Miner’s Identity, since you’ll need to be assigned a worker ID which categorizes you as one of Suprnova’s Pool worker

To quickly get started, use your Suprnova Account password as the Mining password! Use ”mining” as the Worker name

In the context of Cryptocurrency mining, a single mining pool amounts to the merging or “pooling” of resources by individual miners, who all share their individual processing power through use of a network, so as to split the rewards equally, depending on the amount of work each miner contributed to the solving of a block. That is precisely why you’ll need to assign a Worker ID by setting it up on your Dashboard’s interface.

To quickly get started:

Browse to “Under My Account”< “My Worker”
Now add “Worker”, then go ahead and set the Name and Password for the Worker: mining
Password: Simply use the same Sign-in Password for your convenience

Step 2 – How to Set up the EWBF’s CUDA Zcash Miner

Now, for your general information, you should just know that Zencash can be mined with Nicehash, Claymore, Optiminer, Genoil, or other popular software but for the purposes of this Guide we will be utilizing EWBF’s CUDA Zcash Miner which has been built for the explicit purposes of mining Zcash, but with the added benefit of being used to mine for Zencash. You just need to make some simple changes

First off, you need to download EWBF’s CUDA Zcash Miner Version 0.3.4b from the Forum, or simply click over here for the Window 64x or Linux 64x Edition. You will also need a decent ”File Extraction” program like Winrar, so that you can unzip the file that you download.

Step 3 – Miner’s Configuration

Let us get a bit more technical. We essentially need to get the correct configuration to successfully connect our Miner to Suprnova’s Mining Pool. The only thing you need to accomplish this is to open the program Notepad (component of Windows)

Okay, now on a separate Window open Notepad, go to ”File” > “Open
Search for the file ”0.3.4b”, it ought to be in the folder where you’ve Unzipped the downloaded EWBF’s Zec Miner. Once you’ve located the File Directory simply type ” suprnova.bat” in the ”filename search bar” and Open.

After opening a ” bat. ” file, it will consist of a sequence of commands to be executed by the command-line interpreter, which will be stored in a plain text file. You will need to make few changes, so that you can configure the Mining software to apportion your GPU resources to the dedicated Mining Pool.

This is what you will see! The underlined words in the following Picture need to be changed for the EWBF’s Zcash Miner to successfully connect to the pool

Now, continue with saving the Notepad file and then go back to the 0.3.4b file so that you can directly open the ”suprnova.bat” file. The Window’s Command Prompt (CMD) should open and it will begin using your Nvidia Graphic Card to mine Zencash. When the Command Prompt is open in a dedicated window, the mining stats should automatically appear in the window and indicate your connectivity to the Network. The users will then be able to determine the number of shares successfully mined as well as also keep track of the temperature & speediness of the Graphic Card component that is assigned for mining.

That wasn’t too hard, was it? If you have already been mining either Zcash or Ethereum, mining Zencash should be a profitable alternative for you to consider. To get started, all you will have to do is make some small changes in the batch file and then save the file, which is how it works for most mining software on the market.

Step 4 – Get yourself a Zencash Payout Address

Go to the Suprnova Dashboard so that you can monitor your Miner’s progression. A please don’t forget about setting up your Zencash payout address, which is the most important part of this exercise. To get started quickly, you just need to sign with an account at Binance’s Exchange and create a new Zencash address. To receive your mining return, you can either manually withdraw or set the Automatic Payout Threshold which is located under ”Edit Account” to receive your Zencash payments when a threshold is reached in earnings.


After configuration, all you need to do is click the ”suprnova.bat file”, the rest of it will be automated from here on out. Occasionally, you might lose connection to the Pool, if this happens simply close the CMD and restart the process. Zencash mining seems to be extremely profitable right now, so it makes a lot of sense to dedicate some of your extra computing power to earn yourself some money!

You should enjoy the process of learning how to mine Cryptocurrency, not only can it be financially rewarding if done right way, but it can also be educational for you since you get to acquire skills on how to network with Mining Pools and Blockchain Ledgers. People who participate in Cryptocurrency mining are basically speculating Cryptocurrency Markets for gains, but they are likewise essentially fortifying many of the Distributed Networks we use today, particularly for Proof of Work coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin & Zcash.

Eagles beaten inoperable Bears without problems

PHILADELPHIA – Carson Wentz threw three touchdown passes and NFL leaders Philadelphia Eagles passed the Chicago Bears 31-3 on Sunday to claim their ninth consecutive victory.

The Eagles (10-1) reduced their magic number to secure the NFC East title to a win with their fourth straight victory by at least 23 points and third in a row by exactly 28. Philadelphia would secure its first division title since 2013 and the Cowboys (5-6) lose or draw against Washington on Thursday night.

Wentz had 227 passing yards, LeGarrette Blount ran for 97 yards and Zach Ertz caught 10 passes for 103 yards and a touchdown.

The defense dominated rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky and the inoperative Bears (3-8), limiting them to not getting first attempts in the first half and just 140 total yards in the game.

The Bears won the battle of the steals (3-2), but could not do anything with excellent field position. They started consecutive series in midfield and the 42 from Philadelphia, but Cairo Santos missed a 54-yard field goal.

Wentz threw a 17-yard touchdown pass to Ertz to give the Eagles a 7-0 lead on his second possession. Jay Ajayi ran 2 yards on fourth and 1 to keep the series alive and Wentz connected with Alshon Jeffery for 14 yards on third and 8 a play before the touchdown.

Wentz had a 15-yard touchdown pass to Nelson Agholor, who rose above the defenders in the diagonals to put the score 14-0 in the second quarter.

Ajayi ran 30 yards and lost the ball in the Bears 5, but Agholor recovered the ball in the diagonals for a touchdown and put the score 31-3.

Analysis Week 12 NFL 2017 – Bills vs Chiefs

Officially the Chiefs have deflated. Kansas City does not know how to get out of the slide of their mounting losses and have already added their fifth slip in the last six games. To make matters worse, today was against Buffalo at home, a game that on paper seemed winnable but they succumbed to mistakes and poor selection of plays. Here’s the analysis of Bills vs Chiefs.

The game was over when …

Alex Smith threw an interception pass with 1:25 to play in the 36 yard of enemy territory. Alex Smith forced the pass too much and lacked the accuracy to find Travis Kelce. Tre’Davious White found the ball and sealed the victory for the Bills.

Analysis of Bills vs Chiefs

The Chiefs and their poor selection of plays

That Alex Smith who dared to throw passes for more than 20 yards at the start of the season is now just a nice memory in Kansas. Today, the Chiefs playbook does not risk going past 10 yards. The proof is that with 23 complete passes, Smith barely reached 200 yards, 8.6 yards on average per pass.

Tyrod returned, he returned the tranquility of not losing the ball

The QB of the Bills will not be the best nor the most accurate, but it is very difficult to lose the ball. Rarely do they intercept him and that is more than enough to avoid falling into the mistakes of the last game against the Chargers. Taylor also shows that he does not resent McDermott for having sent him to the bank since he gave himself up as if nothing had happened.

Buffalo’s defense was solid again

In the last three games, Buffalo had received 135 points, today the defense finally returned to its level and allowed only one touchdown. In the first five offensive series, the Chiefs were forced to go three and out, making see erratic Smith and Kareem Hunt as a ghost.

LeSean McCoy few yards but important

This afternoon McCoy barely rushed for 49 yards, but got six first and ten vital to keep the Bills offense alive. ‘Shady’ also had another 30 yards on the fly that earned him the most important in the game.

Kareem Hunt is no longer dangerous

He had the ball 11 times and barely rushed for 17 yards. Hunt is no longer a race with the ball, nor is he a threat to rival defenses and far from being productive for the Chiefs. His last Touchdown with Kansas City was on September 24 in week 3.

He returned Hauschka the consistent 

Although it is true that he missed a field goal, Stephen Hauschka hit three field goals, one of 56 and another of 49 to keep the Chiefs at some distance. The Bills kicker today made the difference.

MVP and party villain

MVP – Tyrod Taylor – QB – Bills

An annotation pass and 183 yards, but above all, Tyrod Taylor proved to be a professional. He did not let his annoyance at being banked last week be greater than his love for the team. Taylor protected the ball and got a new victory for the Bills, one that revives their aspirations to play the playoffs.

Villain – Andy Reid – Coach – Chiefs

The terrible selection of plays was evident in this game. He abused the pass to the flat and always tried to run through the center. The thing that worked best for Kansas was the pass behind the linebackers but they exploited it very little. In the last series, when they needed 70 yards to score, they tried to walk the field with four and five-yard passes.

Whats Next?


The Pats are the next obstacle for the Bills. Nothing seems to prevent Tom Brady from going to Buffalo and winning once more as he has done throughout his career. The Bills need the victory, but unless a miracle happens in Buffalo, that will not happen next week.


The Chiefs still own their fate and the AFC West. But they need to beat the Jets to regain confidence, if they keep losing, it’s only a matter of time before the Chargers steal their playoff ticket.

9 Essential Rules to Start a Successful Business

Successful business.

1. Meet your customer segment

Although it sounds crazy, many companies and entrepreneurs who want to venture into the market with a product or service, do not know their customer segment. Knowing the clients and having a feel of the market is essential to starting our business on the right foot. In this initial stage, we look for the characteristics of Early Adopters. It is essential that at this stage, we go out and interview real users, with the insights we obtain we can accurately and deeply describe our customer segment.

2. Delivery of the solution

This is a common mistake, to deliver the solution without knowing our user. If we have not talked with them we can not know what problem we are going to solve and therefore we do not satisfy the client’s needs, and we go out to the market with a product or service that nobody wants or will use and of course, nobody will pay for it. What should I do? With the premise that we know our user and his problem, we design a solution that satisfies them. In this stage, we apply creativity, technology, and market knowledge. If it is new, we must invest in depth in order to know the smallest detail and know what we are talking about. Courage in this stage, most likely not hit the solution in the first exchange. The original idea will be modified as the knowledge of the market and our user base increases.

3. Business Model

We have our customer segment, we know what their challenges and problems are, we know the market and we have devised a solution to the problem. While it is true that a business model can be designed in the first instance, it is time to capture it, with the CANVAS Business Model.

At this stage we do not mention the BUSINESS PLAN yet, it does not make sense to write a plan when we still have doubts about our idea. However, it is important to define certain issues that we can visualize through a Business Model. Through the WB, we will understand if the idea is on the right track, that is, how we will generate income, how we will distribute our product/service, what is the cost structure, who our allies are, resources and key activities. Another advantage of the BM are the hypotheses and how we can test these hypotheses. In the methodology we work with in Nelson Romero Mentoring, the hypotheses are defined in the kick-off meeting and from there we connect with our client segment in order to have a starting point with the client. Within the hypothesis, a key is how this will formulate and if they are willing to pay for that solution. Each hypothesis must be contrasted in the market, there lies the success or failure of the entrepreneur or entrepreneur. The fundamental thing to launch your idea to the market is the validation of the hypothesis without investing a large amount of money. That is why it is important that you can count on my experience as a contribution to your endeavor. I have already gone through these stages both in my corporate career and in my experience as a consultant with other companies and entrepreneurs.

4. Validate product / service

Bingo! we already have the best solution and above all we know how we can generate a business with it. In this phase, we will know if our business idea is feasible, be it a physical, technological or service product. Here we will test or test whether the business idea can become a reality and how our segment’s reaction will be to the solution. Below, you will find some applications that you can use to make a prototype depending on whether it is a product or service:

  • Software: programs such as POP , Prot otyper Free or any other similar will help you to create a prototype without having to make an investment in programming.
  • Hardware: plates like Arduino or Raspberry Pi , you can get out of trouble in most cases.
  • Physical product: 3D printing or even cardboard is an excellent option that allows you to test some hypotheses.
  • Service: in the following publication you will find examples that can be very useful.

Once you have the prototype, we move on to the next stage and each time, we get closer to the most anticipated moment.

If you want to be aware of the latest post click here

5. Solution interview

Presenting a product or service to our segment has a whole strategy behind it. We can not waste a special and long-awaited moment; We should not go to this meeting and this ends up being a waste of time for both. The objective of a demo or prototype of the product is to obtain the opinions of our client, see how he behaves, and above all get the most insights in order to improve our version and add functionalities, especially if we talk about theological products. As mentioned, the demo serves to see how customers interact with the product, if the user experience is pleasant, if it generates problems and very important if our solution solves all the problems.

In order for our meeting to be successful, we must let the client interact with the product and note and notice what our early adopter does. The final objective of this stage is not to SELL but to learn in order to adjust those faults and to go out to the market with a solid product. Remember the following ” Good demos do not need a perfect product prototype, they need the right approach to the present audience “

6. Modify the product or service

With the insights or comments of your customers, both positive and negative, we redefined the product to arrive at a more approximate solution to reality. This solution does not mean that it is final or loaded with more features. It means, a solution that satisfies the biggest problem of your customer segment and that will be what you throw your company to the market. Without enough comments it is very likely that you design functions that later do not work, or that are not worthwhile for your clients and that you stop developing others that are important to them.

7. Prepare your financial projections

Our startup is taking shape little by little and the moment arrived that many do not like. Carry out the first financial scenarios. The financial plan is one of the most important modules within our nascent startup, through it we can visualize our sales projection, general expenses, salaries and salaries, direct costs that impute to the income, for example, commissions, costs of supplies. Once we have this data, we can put together the statement of results or gains and losses as well as cash flow. This basic information is the one we are going to use when we go to the various funding agencies to raise capital.

8. Build your business plan

Whether the company is online or offline, it is necessary to build your sales funnel. What is it? This is the way your customers go through the different phases of the purchase process, from when they meet you until they finally buy and recommend you. It is essential to build this funnel when you are starting your business. Many times, entrepreneurs want to move on to the next phase, expand and grow their business, viralize it using growth hacking, but for what? You still do not know how your client behaves, which channels are the most effective, why you lose potential clients. All this is best done when you still have few users. When you still move a manageable volume of data. It will not do you any good to do a marketing campaign, invest a significant amount of money if you do not know how the customer’s purchasing process is.

Launching a company to the market is not just a marketing campaign, the important thing is the data that allows you to make decisions, prove that the BM will be profitable and that the product or service engages your user.

In short, when you still have little mass of users, it is time to do tests, experiments and tests. Because the clients that you have, will be Early Adopters and they will forgive almost any experiment you do with them. Also, if you have co-developed the product with them, they will feel part of your startup, and will be willing to help you at all times because you are really building something that gives them a lot of value. ” The key to the success of your company is in your Early Adopters “

For this to make sense, it is essential to know the essential metrics that will allow us to make the best decisions.

9. Exit to the market

We are reaching the most anticipated moment. Everything indicates that our business idea is going from strength to strength, summarizing: we know our customer segment, we know its challenges, objectives and problems, we have solutions to those problems, we have validated each of the hypotheses with the market, we designed the prototype, we validated it with our user, we made the pertinent modifications, we elaborated our financial plan, we know how our conversion funnel will work. The big day has arrived! Let’s put our Startup in the market.

Doing so depends to a large extent on the sector in which your business idea is located. One of the keys that I stand out for almost any business, even before your idea starts to take shape, is to generate an online community. Generate or at least in the first steps enter an existing one and little by little create yours. Why? because that will allow you to share your knowledge, position yourself as an expert and, of course, make your business idea known. In this aspect, without a doubt, a blog will help you a lot and will be a key piece in your marketing strategy.

Whether your business is offline or online, having a good marketing strategy, it will also be a key element for you to reach your goals sooner or later.

As you can see, in these 9 rules, the only formula to achieve success is: work, strategy, measure results and make decisions in an agile manner.

Throughout this process, Lean Startup methodologies and the experience of others who have already tried almost everything will be key to reducing the risk that every innovative business project or idea has. Starting a business venture is an exciting challenge that will give you great satisfaction, but you must follow a methodology that allows you to be in direct contact with the market from the first minute.

Swagbucks Review: How To Make $100 FAST on Swagbucks- How To Make Money

Banner of Swagbucks, one of the best survey sites!

Key Takeaways:

  • Stick to making money by your referral base. And you can do that with affiliate marketing and by spreading the word to your friends and family.
  • Use Swagbucks every time you are shopping online

If you follow that advice then you will earn some effortless money.

Making money on Swagbucks is so easy it’s like grabbing a pile of cash every time you open your computer. I’m going to teach you how to make $100 fast on swag bucks so stay tuned! Good money-making morning, my name is Joseph Marzullo and welcome to how to make money, even if you are a kid. Bookmark the website and channel that’s all about helping people make money so you can be anxiously engaged in a good cause and reach your full potential today! I wrote this review so you can know exactly how to get started and how to start making money right away on swag bucks. What you’re going to do is you’re going to follow these steps: step 1 sign up step 2 confirm your email address and so let all go ahead and show you how this is going to be done so click on this link right here sign up this is going to take you over to swag bucks.

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You can get your $5 bonus and all you need to do is confirm your email subscription. This is how you can get all the latest updates and the best things from Swagbucks to really keep you earning the money. I also suggest that you can take the little quick tour of swag bucks that they offer. You can earn more swag bucks by playing games, search, discover answers, watch and shop. So there are all the things you can do to earn money on swag bucks. Next, for redeeming your swag bucks points, you’re going to go to “rewards”. So once you’ve earned at least 300 swag bucks you can start getting rewards, so you go to redeem your swag bucks and you can see all the different rewards you can get. You can get a $10 gift card for eBay, or Fandango, Amazon gift card, and much more. Once you have 2,500 swag bucks points you can get $25 thru PayPal.100 swag bucks equal $1 and you qualify for your first gift card once you have 300 swag bucks. You can immediately get a three dollar gift card so you can actually earn swag bucks by watching videos, you can choose from all these different kind of categories A great tip is to put all stick to watching playlists and put it in the background. You will start racking up the swagbucks 🙂

You can also earn by shopping online. Why not earn money back for something you are going to do anyway? For example, if you going to do some Walmart shopping, just login into swagbucks and use their link to access and you’ll start earning five swag bucks for every dollar that is spent. If you’re going to be doing spending a lot of money then this is a great way to earn some extra swag bucks.

Vindale Research | Truth Exposing Reviews

Vindale Research banner

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Hey, what’s up my friends, my name is Joseph and if you’re on this post it most-likely means that you’re looking for some more information on Vindale research and that’s exactly what I’ll be getting into! In fact, let me share with you three very important things about Vindale research that you absolutely need to know!!! Now, before we do go ahead and get started with the information here, I just would like to let you know that if you’re looking for a way to predictably and consistently generate a sizable income using the Internet that I have a free video training that really shows you exactly how to do that step by step it also shows you how to really be successful in any endeavor that you’re going after so if you’d like to check that out you can head over there with this LINK.

I want to share with you three very important things that you need to know about Vindale Research. Now, I’m always researching and finding out stuff because people are asking me about these survey sites and so I went into Vindale Research and I was checking it out and discovering if it is legitimate, if you can actually make money with it because there are lot of the survey sites out there and many of them fabricate things and they’re little shady in my opinion. So to put all that aside, I believe in Vindale Research is one of the better ones that I’ve seen out there. I know it is one of the bigger ones and so I decided to check it out and really, you know, dive into the site and see what it is all about and I was really glad to see that they actually do pay you money for taking surveys, so that’s the first point. I will say that Vindale Research is probably one of the best survey sites I’ve seen out there because they do actually pay you money for taking surveys and not just like points to accumulate to buy Walmart gift cards or something like that. They actually pay you money! Okay, so the second point is they don’t pay you a ton of money. Just because they do pay you money doesn’t mean that you’re gonna get rich off this or even make a full-time income from it. From what I saw everything was below two dollars. There are two dollars per surveys every once in a while that pop up that you can make, but you’re not making a ton of money, especially if you calculate for the amount of time that you spend on here on these surveys because what will happen before you even take the survey you actually have to “qualify” by taking like a “pre-survey” then you take the survey and sometimes you don’t even qualify to take the survey. The survey can take anywhere from like 5 to 15, or 20 to 30 minutes. Sometimes even more. And like I said, most of the time it’s less than $2 per survey so obviously you can make some money if you just want to make some spare change. The third thing I really like about Vindale Research is they don’t really hammer you with all these other offers. There a lot of other site survey sites that will say “here to sign up for our site”, “verify your email” and then they are just going to hammer the hell out of your email with 3rd party spam. They don’t tell you this, but this is what happens, they just hammer you with other offers or other survey sites because obviously when people refer you to these sites then they’re going to make commission because they have this referral program, and so that’s how a lot of sites like make they try to make a lot of money is by actually referring people, not actually taking surveys and making money off of that.

So that’s basically the three big things I want to share with you about Vindale Research. I believe it truly is one of the better ones out there and there are some other ways to make money within Vindale Research but again you’re not going to make a ton of money off it. You’re just going to make some money, okay and that’s why I just wanted to do some research and figure out if he’s legit, that it is not the type of stuff that I actually do because obviously again I make a lot more money using programs like with THIS program.

Casually Explained: Levels of Wealth

When we think of money it’s usually in terms of what things we can buy with it but your level of wealth doesn’t only determine what you own it can determine entirely what your life looks like and I wanted to give a bit of an overview of what that could look like at some different intervals now at the bottom of the pyramid.

Of course, we have the alcoholic and amphetamine abusing lowlifes who mooch off public services because they can’t pay their debts or “find” a job. Fuckin’ grad students. Disgusting. Next, we have the working and middle class which makes up about 90% of the population even though it might seem like they can’t accomplish much compared to the elites of society. Members of the middle class can work together to become much more powerful. As an example, with one roommate they can afford rent but with two they can afford furniture. The middle class earns up to three hundred thousand a year, but the median individual income is a lot more modest at thirty-eight thousand. This can be misleading though because if you’re 50 with a wife and two kids $38K / year but if you’re 21 and single you’re buying resell Yeezys thinking man I wonder how much sex I’d have I didn’t live with my parents. So, in conjunction, I think there are a couple lifestyle indicators to check to see if you’re in the middle class. For example, your grandparents had five kids, your parents have three kids and you’re going to put a stop to it once and for all. You don’t have an emergency fund because you figure that if you’re on vacation and your appendix gives out, then why would you spend 20k on surgery when you could just die. So, moving beyond the middle class we get to the start of your truly wealthy people. These are the notorious 1% who typically have an individual income of three hundred thousand or higher or a net worth of over 8 million. Usually, this means you have more than one home, active investments, travel whenever you want and basically have the best of everything, short of private jets and a battlefront two season pass. But in the same way, someone in the arts might wave their fist at an accomplished engineer there’s a huge difference between people within the 1%. As an example, if you’re worth 75 million you could see almost anyone in the world just by asking but if you’re worth 75 billion you can see almost anyone in the world without asking. Once you’re worth over a hundred million dollars people use your first and last name when they talk about you and if you’re not famous you at least have a Wikipedia page that you didn’t make yourself and you likely make up to ten million a year which to compare with a more normal income is like going to Costco and paying a buck 50 for a hot dog but getting a hundred hot dogs. I don’t know why I left that in at this point.

Anyway, your wealth is almost magnetic to more wealth and ironically things start costing less. I could pay $5,000 for a Gucci suit and people might think I’m cool. If I were actually cool Gucci would have paid me to wear it! Well, it sounds great, but then you might start to wonder if people like you for you or only like you because you’re rich and famous. Fortunately, though you are rich and famous. So finally the very top of the pyramid we have the people worth over a billion dollars! The 0.001% guys, like Elon Jeff, Branson and Bill. These people have so much money they can literally change the world. Save the kids. Done. Create your own space program. Done. Dinner with the president. You are the president. You don’t fly business you buy the business. When you get pet supplies from Amazon you mean the rainforest and when you say, “hey babe how about I Drive this time” you’re talking to the car. If you look at the absolute top, Jeff Bezos recently overtook Bill Gates and to be as rich as the two of them you would have to earn about $5,000 every minute you were alive. They even said that they couldn’t even spend that money if they tried. Fucking amateurs!!! Now with the pyramid capped off if we can step back. It does seem like the implication here is that your life gets better when there’s more money which brings about the age-old question of does money buy you happiness. And for what I’ve looked at I think the best explanation is that money won’t buy you happiness, but they can make problems go away that make you unhappy, like when you go to take money out of your bank account and get charged a fee buse there’s no money in your bank account. When you buy tickets online you must pay extra for doing all the work yourself. With that said, I wanted to end it at this point, but I asked my friend and she said that it is it just first world problem. What about the rest of the world? And you know, they say you can’t make your sneakers and wear them – the good news is that my demographics show that there aren’t many people in third world countries watching my reading my content and they don’t have internet, so we’ll worry about that another time.


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A bunch of idiots lining up for hours… then trampling each other to save a few bucks on a toaster.

And now it’s online, too.

So, when you woke up this morning, your inbox was flooded with “YUGE SAVINGS” on a bunch of crap you don’t even need!

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE a good deal as much as anyone.

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But I hate the SCARCITY mentality that Black Friday comes with.

Everybody’s focusing on “SAVING.” As if there’s only limited m0ney out there… and they’re scared it’s going to run out.

But that’s the kind of thinking that KEEPS people broke.

In reality, M0NEY is EVERYWHERE.

And printing STACKS of it is EASY.

But to GET IT, you have to change your way of thinking.

Instead of obsessing over “saving a few dollars…”

You need to seek out opportunities that can MULTIPLY YOUR BANKROLL.

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Instead of clinging to what’s in your wallet, you should use whatever you have… to grow MORE of it

THAT’S how you become a BALLER.

THAT’S how you live a life of FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE.

That way, you can buy WHATEVER you want… WHENEVER you want, instead of relying on the 1 day a year where people slash their prices.

So, sure…

You can take $7 and go buy some cheap headphones… or a stupid fidget spinner.

OR… you can take that SAME $7… and unlock an ALL-ACCESS PASS to a WEEKEND FULL of WINNERS!

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One of these decisions will give you a few minutes of fun.

The other… can stuff THOUSANDS in your pocket THIS weekend…

And help you grow your bankroll to where you NEVER have to worry about price tags ever again.

So, stop following the sheep. And start thinking like a WOLF.

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Good luck,

James Jones

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