Eagles beaten inoperable Bears without problems

PHILADELPHIA – Carson Wentz threw three touchdown passes and NFL leaders Philadelphia Eagles passed the Chicago Bears 31-3 on Sunday to claim their ninth consecutive victory.

The Eagles (10-1) reduced their magic number to secure the NFC East title to a win with their fourth straight victory by at least 23 points and third in a row by exactly 28. Philadelphia would secure its first division title since 2013 and the Cowboys (5-6) lose or draw against Washington on Thursday night.

Wentz had 227 passing yards, LeGarrette Blount ran for 97 yards and Zach Ertz caught 10 passes for 103 yards and a touchdown.

The defense dominated rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky and the inoperative Bears (3-8), limiting them to not getting first attempts in the first half and just 140 total yards in the game.

The Bears won the battle of the steals (3-2), but could not do anything with excellent field position. They started consecutive series in midfield and the 42 from Philadelphia, but Cairo Santos missed a 54-yard field goal.

Wentz threw a 17-yard touchdown pass to Ertz to give the Eagles a 7-0 lead on his second possession. Jay Ajayi ran 2 yards on fourth and 1 to keep the series alive and Wentz connected with Alshon Jeffery for 14 yards on third and 8 a play before the touchdown.

Wentz had a 15-yard touchdown pass to Nelson Agholor, who rose above the defenders in the diagonals to put the score 14-0 in the second quarter.

Ajayi ran 30 yards and lost the ball in the Bears 5, but Agholor recovered the ball in the diagonals for a touchdown and put the score 31-3.

Analysis Week 12 NFL 2017 – Bills vs Chiefs

Officially the Chiefs have deflated. Kansas City does not know how to get out of the slide of their mounting losses and have already added their fifth slip in the last six games. To make matters worse, today was against Buffalo at home, a game that on paper seemed winnable but they succumbed to mistakes and poor selection of plays. Here’s the analysis of Bills vs Chiefs.

The game was over when …

Alex Smith threw an interception pass with 1:25 to play in the 36 yard of enemy territory. Alex Smith forced the pass too much and lacked the accuracy to find Travis Kelce. Tre’Davious White found the ball and sealed the victory for the Bills.

Analysis of Bills vs Chiefs

The Chiefs and their poor selection of plays

That Alex Smith who dared to throw passes for more than 20 yards at the start of the season is now just a nice memory in Kansas. Today, the Chiefs playbook does not risk going past 10 yards. The proof is that with 23 complete passes, Smith barely reached 200 yards, 8.6 yards on average per pass.

Tyrod returned, he returned the tranquility of not losing the ball

The QB of the Bills will not be the best nor the most accurate, but it is very difficult to lose the ball. Rarely do they intercept him and that is more than enough to avoid falling into the mistakes of the last game against the Chargers. Taylor also shows that he does not resent McDermott for having sent him to the bank since he gave himself up as if nothing had happened.

Buffalo’s defense was solid again

In the last three games, Buffalo had received 135 points, today the defense finally returned to its level and allowed only one touchdown. In the first five offensive series, the Chiefs were forced to go three and out, making see erratic Smith and Kareem Hunt as a ghost.

LeSean McCoy few yards but important

This afternoon McCoy barely rushed for 49 yards, but got six first and ten vital to keep the Bills offense alive. ‘Shady’ also had another 30 yards on the fly that earned him the most important in the game.

Kareem Hunt is no longer dangerous

He had the ball 11 times and barely rushed for 17 yards. Hunt is no longer a race with the ball, nor is he a threat to rival defenses and far from being productive for the Chiefs. His last Touchdown with Kansas City was on September 24 in week 3.

He returned Hauschka the consistent 

Although it is true that he missed a field goal, Stephen Hauschka hit three field goals, one of 56 and another of 49 to keep the Chiefs at some distance. The Bills kicker today made the difference.

MVP and party villain

MVP – Tyrod Taylor – QB – Bills

An annotation pass and 183 yards, but above all, Tyrod Taylor proved to be a professional. He did not let his annoyance at being banked last week be greater than his love for the team. Taylor protected the ball and got a new victory for the Bills, one that revives their aspirations to play the playoffs.

Villain – Andy Reid – Coach – Chiefs

The terrible selection of plays was evident in this game. He abused the pass to the flat and always tried to run through the center. The thing that worked best for Kansas was the pass behind the linebackers but they exploited it very little. In the last series, when they needed 70 yards to score, they tried to walk the field with four and five-yard passes.

Whats Next?


The Pats are the next obstacle for the Bills. Nothing seems to prevent Tom Brady from going to Buffalo and winning once more as he has done throughout his career. The Bills need the victory, but unless a miracle happens in Buffalo, that will not happen next week.


The Chiefs still own their fate and the AFC West. But they need to beat the Jets to regain confidence, if they keep losing, it’s only a matter of time before the Chargers steal their playoff ticket.