Casually Explained: Levels of Wealth

When we think of money it’s usually in terms of what things we can buy with it but your level of wealth doesn’t only determine what you own it can determine entirely what your life looks like and I wanted to give a bit of an overview of what that could look like at some different intervals now at the bottom of the pyramid.

Of course, we have the alcoholic and amphetamine abusing lowlifes who mooch off public services because they can’t pay their debts or “find” a job. Fuckin’ grad students. Disgusting. Next, we have the working and middle class which makes up about 90% of the population even though it might seem like they can’t accomplish much compared to the elites of society. Members of the middle class can work together to become much more powerful. As an example, with one roommate they can afford rent but with two they can afford furniture. The middle class earns up to three hundred thousand a year, but the median individual income is a lot more modest at thirty-eight thousand. This can be misleading though because if you’re 50 with a wife and two kids $38K / year but if you’re 21 and single you’re buying resell Yeezys thinking man I wonder how much sex I’d have I didn’t live with my parents. So, in conjunction, I think there are a couple lifestyle indicators to check to see if you’re in the middle class. For example, your grandparents had five kids, your parents have three kids and you’re going to put a stop to it once and for all. You don’t have an emergency fund because you figure that if you’re on vacation and your appendix gives out, then why would you spend 20k on surgery when you could just die. So, moving beyond the middle class we get to the start of your truly wealthy people. These are the notorious 1% who typically have an individual income of three hundred thousand or higher or a net worth of over 8 million. Usually, this means you have more than one home, active investments, travel whenever you want and basically have the best of everything, short of private jets and a battlefront two season pass. But in the same way, someone in the arts might wave their fist at an accomplished engineer there’s a huge difference between people within the 1%. As an example, if you’re worth 75 million you could see almost anyone in the world just by asking but if you’re worth 75 billion you can see almost anyone in the world without asking. Once you’re worth over a hundred million dollars people use your first and last name when they talk about you and if you’re not famous you at least have a Wikipedia page that you didn’t make yourself and you likely make up to ten million a year which to compare with a more normal income is like going to Costco and paying a buck 50 for a hot dog but getting a hundred hot dogs. I don’t know why I left that in at this point.

Anyway, your wealth is almost magnetic to more wealth and ironically things start costing less. I could pay $5,000 for a Gucci suit and people might think I’m cool. If I were actually cool Gucci would have paid me to wear it! Well, it sounds great, but then you might start to wonder if people like you for you or only like you because you’re rich and famous. Fortunately, though you are rich and famous. So finally the very top of the pyramid we have the people worth over a billion dollars! The 0.001% guys, like Elon Jeff, Branson and Bill. These people have so much money they can literally change the world. Save the kids. Done. Create your own space program. Done. Dinner with the president. You are the president. You don’t fly business you buy the business. When you get pet supplies from Amazon you mean the rainforest and when you say, “hey babe how about I Drive this time” you’re talking to the car. If you look at the absolute top, Jeff Bezos recently overtook Bill Gates and to be as rich as the two of them you would have to earn about $5,000 every minute you were alive. They even said that they couldn’t even spend that money if they tried. Fucking amateurs!!! Now with the pyramid capped off if we can step back. It does seem like the implication here is that your life gets better when there’s more money which brings about the age-old question of does money buy you happiness. And for what I’ve looked at I think the best explanation is that money won’t buy you happiness, but they can make problems go away that make you unhappy, like when you go to take money out of your bank account and get charged a fee buse there’s no money in your bank account. When you buy tickets online you must pay extra for doing all the work yourself. With that said, I wanted to end it at this point, but I asked my friend and she said that it is it just first world problem. What about the rest of the world? And you know, they say you can’t make your sneakers and wear them – the good news is that my demographics show that there aren’t many people in third world countries watching my reading my content and they don’t have internet, so we’ll worry about that another time.